A toyota prius vs hyundai ioniq might not look like prime Best Gear fodder. However, the Ioniq could be a-car we enjoy. It helped the company become our Manufacturer of the season, not as by merit of being a Prius competition that ditches that the bungee-cord CVT gearbox and the bizarre awareness of enforced value the Toyota’s never reasonably forgettable.

Thus this mild upgrade is attention. While there are the common tweaks out of this state Guide into facelifting — even a bolder grille, fresh light emitting diode bulbs, three colors — it’s the technology in the Ioniq has moved on.

A brilliant improvement as more city centers discuss joining private petrol cars. Let’s merely hope their legislation does not kindly prohibit an automobile that includes an engine; however, that chooses not to make use of it…

Other brand new parts of technology include flatter regenerative braking, and also the option of one-pedal functionality and even the power to conduct the automobile utilities without no being shifted on. All almost no tweaks to eke a growing number of efficacy. Gleam package of crash avoidance technology and the selection of a sizeable 10in video sat-nav system.

It’s probably a sign of car facelifts to emerge, infact; a wholesale tech and applications upgrade taking precedence above a bit more power or bigger, much less pothole-friendly alloys. No prices yet, with the upgraded Ioniq coming in Europe at the upcoming half 20-19.