oakcover magazine – International World Environment Day 

On World Environment Day oakcover magazine folks from nations all around the planet get together to take action to defend the earth. Find out about some of the things we are doing to observe this special day.

Do the groundwork task first. Then read the Guide and also do the exercises.


Ways all over the globe: planting trees, clearing local shores, coordinating meetings, linking on the web protests. Annually the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) chooses a particular issue to focus on. One year it might be woods; another year, it might be wildlife. And each year there’s a new host; a city that’s the center point for all the parties.

The way that it first started

The United Nations (UN) termed 5 June as the international world. The theory was to draw attention to the countless problems that are confronting our ecosystem. They wished to comprise as a lot of people, associations, and authorities, both local and national, as you possibly can. They desired to show that positive change is possible when folks come together to fight for a frequent cause.

The earliest World Environment Day

The very first WED was renowned in 1974 at the city of Spokane From the USA. The motto for this first season was’Only One Earth,’ and it was celebrated with all the world’s first world fair to be dedicated to the surroundings. The exhibition lasted for just six months.

The hosts

Since 1974 the WED has been hosted by 3 4 different cities in Some states have hosted the first celebrations two or more times, including Bangladesh, Canada, and China. But that doesn’t imply that each one of the parties occurs in the host country. Every year people from all over the world participate in a vast number of different events to draw focus on the most critical issue.

The problems

Each year the parties give attention to a specific issue. Over the previous ten decades, critical issues have contained forests, wildlife, and plastic garbage, along with other things. Each item comes with a motto. Past slogans include ‘Think. Eat. Save.’ , that asked visitors to think about the matter of food waste, and raise your voice, not the sea level’, to concentrate on the impact that global warming is having on small island nations across the world. As well as slogans, hashtags have become famous for your campaigns too. In a modern campaign, the hashtag #WildforLife became a potent symbol for the struggle against all kinds of prohibited gambling in plants and animals.

Everything you can do

If You Would like to take part in the celebrations or service, this season’s particular cause, here are a few things you can perform. You Can Go to The official site to learn what this year’s slogan is. You can search for The motto online to locate organizations and events in your area or online. Now you may share info regarding the cause as well as the events on social media or form a Local activity set of one’s personal and organize a conference in your area. Whatever you do, you may not be lonely. Millions of individuals all around the globe are going to be joining the celebrations and fighting to get a better future for the entire world.



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